First Bright Au Louvre Exhibitions


All artwork and projects we received were the expression of genuine love inspired by our Bright.
We are not professionals (except for some) and we all have different tastes. Please keep your inner critic inside and let's appreciate the courage of all the artists who came forward to show their work to share with us.
Thank you for your cooperation and congratulations to all who submitted their work here.


Performing Arts

Singing, dancing, playing music and other

How brave do you have to be to perform in front of people or a camera to express your love? What if this was in front of not just anyone but the one we love the most?

Let's admire their courage and love with a big applause! Check out Brights' original songs, song covers and dance videos, as well as "Unmovable" covers in 5 different languages.


Visual Arts

Paintings, drawings, photography, videos and other

Although Bright is already a masterpiece on his own by himself, he keeps inspiring artists in us to express our love to him. Let's see how these artists transcend it on their canvases and frames with so much love and skills.

Let's appreciate all the efforts participating Brights and don't forget to read the messages from the artists as well.



Art made with text

We have so much we want to tell Bright but at the same time, some of us become speechless when we are in front of him because of overwhelming emotions we have.

Hope these words from the artists help you find the words for him to know how much you love him.


Other Arts and Crafts

Everything else

Brights are such a creative group of people just like who we admire.  Even when InterBrights have not met Bright in person yet, we find creative ways to make him come alive in our lives.

Any items, tools, and methods can be the conductor of love for Bright. Let us count how many ways we can tell him how much we love him.


Livre d'Or

First Bright au Louvre Exhibition